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So usually dom follows me everywhere. Like literally everywhere. This morning I woke up before him, and went to poop and decided to close the door without letting him in.

I heard him wake up, riht, then hd comes to the door and starts banging on it with his head and his paws. He just now gave up and is laying with his nose pressed up against the little crack under the door and breathing wicked heavily.

Like bro calm down. Five minutes away from me wont kill you.

Yes it will. Do you know anything at all about dogs?

The lovely 2loveforever tagged me in this thingy so I shall do these questions now.

1. First Pet?

I had a dog named Barney, he was (I believe) half Golden Retriever and half Pit Bull. He was great but he died when I was five so I don’t have many memories of him. Those I do have are great though. I miss Barney.

2. When you eat a sandwhich do you tilt your head or the sandwhich?

Well usually the sandwhich but if its like a stuffed sandwhich you gotta be careful that the stuff doesn’t all fall out. Know what I’m sayin?

3. An old embarrassing piece of clothing you refuse to part with?

This old beat up Durham Bulls tee shirt I’ve always used as a pajama shirt. The sleeves ripped, and I attempted to turn it into a tank top but that did not work out.

4. Worst haircut you’ve ever had?

Um, I always get the same haircut, because I’m lame I guess I don’t know.

5. Do you ever find bugs and keep them as pets?

Nah I’m totally good with my cats and hermit crab.

New questions:

1. Worst possible super power?

(Wait, so I make up a power I guess?) The power to go without sleep. I love sleep.

2. When was the last time you talked to someone on the phone? How did it go?

I called my work to see if they wanted me to come in early like they originally said, and I was put on hold, and they forgot about me.

3. Did you used to have stuffed animals you were very attached to?

Listen, don’t hate. I still got stuffed animals I’m attached to. I have a panda from King’s Dominion named Ted that I got when I was like 4. He’s my dude.

4. What song do you currently hate?

I’m Ready by AJR. I kinda like the song until it puts in the “I’m ready” bit from spongebob and I’m just like noooooo whyyyyyy. It gets played in the theatres while I clean alot and I hate it.

5. What is one thought you would like everyone in the world to agree with?

I would just like people to be more tolerable of others and their ways of life. Like let gay people get married, gay people are pretty awesome.

6. What is your favorite movie at the moment?

EARTH TO ECHO. Or if we’re being totally serious I really loved Chef, like so much.

and I guess I’m supposed to add a question or something so

How many posters do you have on your walls, and what of?

the-little-gay-of-vb tumeow smw417 columbussailedtheoceanbluein1492now ya’ll do it cause the rules say you gotta or the police will detain you.



I have watched this at least 15 times since I reblogged this several hours ago

im reblogging this again because i’ve been thinking about it for 24 hours and ths is one of those vines i desperately wish was longer

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